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A legal detention can occur in Jackson County, North Carolina if the accused is arrested by the police while he/she was actually committing the illicit act or if the police have factual reason to believe that this person will involve himself in an illegal activity in the future or has already done so in the immediate past.In all other cases, the police need an active warrant to detain a person legally.

However, the sheriff's office does not get free access to arrest warrants. In order to procure such a judicial order, they have to get in touch with the sitting magistrate of a tribunal that retains the authority to hear criminal cases. The judge is offered all case related facts in the form of a written affidavit which is carefully deliberated upon before a Jackson, NC active warrant is issued.

After release, the court expects, the police to take any and all measures required to arrest the person against whom the warrant has been issued, at the earliest. However, if this is not possible due to certain factors, the warrant is not recalled, it is merely stored in the police database as an outstanding warrant which can be used at any time in the future.

Apart from the police, information on Jackson County, North Carolina arrest records, warrant issues including bench warrants, search orders and other criminal data is maintained by the office of the magistrate as well as the county clerk's department. So, you can call on any one of these agencies for a warrant search. They work out of:

  • The sheriff: 399 Grindstaff Cove Rd, Sylva, North Carolina 28779
  • The magistrate: 8 Ridgeway St, Sylva, NC 28779
  • The county clerk: 401 Grindstaff Cove Road, Sylva, North Carolina 28779

Over 500 criminal complaints are lodged in Jackson County, NC every year of which no more than 8% are against violent criminal activity. Although there has only been a single digit increase in the crime averages of the area from 2001 through 2008, almost three incident reports are filed every two days and this is expected to increase to 4 or 5 complaints if the growth in the crime figures is not controlled in time.

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