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In order to arrest a person in Sampson County, North Carolina, the police need to walk in with an active arrest warrant in hand. The only time this rule is waived is if the accused is arrested on the spot while he is committing the crime or when he is found in possession of illegal substances or arms.

Arrest warrants once handed over to the police stay in the central criminal database at the state and national level for an indefinite period. This means that it would be a grave error to assume that just because an outstanding warrant in your name is several years old it has lost its powers.

On the contrary, the only thing saving you is the fact that you may not have been involved in a legal infraction since the release of such an order. However, even a minor issue with the law can and will lead to your arrest as police from all over the country have access to information on arrest records and warrants.

If you are interested in conducting a warrant search in Sampson County, NC, you will have to go to the police or the judiciary. However, remember that if an outstanding warrant is already in the system against you, this will turn into imminent arrest.

To circumvent this situation, you can get a friend or loved one to get the information without drawing attention to you or you can get a lawyer to take care of this job for you.The state agencies that the applicant will have to go to include:

  • The sheriff's office: 128 W Elizabeth Street, Clinton, North Carolina 28328. Tel no: 910-592-4141. List of most wanted accused at
  • The office of the magistrate: 101 Main St, Clinton, NC 28328. Tel no: 910-592-3923
  • The county clerk's office: Address same as above; tel no: 910-592-5191

In Sampson County, NC, more than 3 crimes are reported in every 24 hours; this puts the annual rate of crime at almost 1200 incidents. So, a look at the crime figures between 2001 to 2008 rightly shows no less than 10,000 incidents. Both overall and violent crime figures rose by a massive average of almost 70% in the area over this period.

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