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North Carolina Arrest Records and Warrant Search

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What is an arrest record or an arrest warrant?

Arrest warrants and arrest records are very closely related. This is because for every arrest warrant that is executed that leads to an actual arrest, there will be a record made of that arrest. However, not every arrest record necessarily means that there will be an arrest warrant related to it. This is because if police forces actually see a crime occurring, they can make an arrest without an arrest warrant.

For a North Carolina arrest warrant to be created, local law enforcement officials of a specific county must gather evidence that implicates an individual, and then present it, under oath, to a local judge or magistrate. The judge is then able to determine whether or not there is evidence enough to reach probable cause against the suspect. Once this has happened, the judge can sign and authorize an arrest warrant to be executed against the named individual. Every arrest warrant must include the name of the suspect, the crime that they suspect stands accused of committing, the signature of the judge, and the date that the warrant was authorized.

Arrest records, as alluded to above, are a full, detailed listing of all of the times an individual has been arrested. North Carolina records vary in the level of information that they present depending on the level of information that was available at the time that the arrest was made. Unfortunately, obtaining arrest records may require authorization or a good reason to request them, unless you are able to access the NCIC database.

There are other kinds of arrest warrants too, like bench warrants, which can be issued when an individual breaks a rule of the court or if they fail to appear when they were supposed to.

Is there a way to find North Carolina arrest warrants and arrest records?

There are several ways. The best place to start when looking for an arrest warrant for someone in North Carolina is to use the NCAWARE utility tool provided by the North Carolina Court System at However, not all counties are currently within the system, so you may want to try a different approach. What you will want to do is find the contact information of your local sheriff’s office using an Internet search engine, and either visit their website or contact them by telephone to make an arrest warrant request.

North Carolina arrest records can best be located either by contacting your local sheriff as described above, or by using the North Carolina Offender Information Portal, provided by the Division of Adult Correction, located at

North Carolina crime statistics

Crime statistics throughout North Carolina can be found at In 2010, there was a total index crime rate of 4,191, which was a drop of 5.6% from the year before. Similarly, the violent crime rate totaled at 417, a fall of just over 10%. The property crime rate also dropped throughout North Carolina to a total of 3,774, down by more than 5%.

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