About Me

North CarolinaSometimes, you lose track of friends and family and just want to reconnect with them while at other times, finding out about the present location of a person becomes a matter of life and death or money. Whatever your reasons, I will find the person you want to locate.

For 25 years now, I have helped clients across the legal, law enforcement and corporate sectors to locate individuals of interest. Apart from working on cases with criminal and civil law implications, I have also handled matters pertaining to forensic genealogy research.

Although I mainly work in the states of Texas and Florida, I have also taken cases for the International Genealogy Research Center of Canada and The Locators Ltd of Arizona. In addition to these agencies, I routinely handle cases for the Sheriff’s Department of Denton in Texas and for the Unclaimed Person’s Network, which is a body that works in all 50 states.

I do pro bono work for the latter, helping them to connect with the next of kin of decedents who would have otherwise been left unclaimed. The Unclaimed Person’s Network gets in touch with the relatives and friends of the deceased person through the coroner’s office, offering information on how to lay claim to the decedent.

To ensure that my clients get information that is currently valid, I subscribe to numerous law enforcement and civil databases such as the TLO. As a skip tracer, I have worked on cases where I was asked to locate people who had disappeared after being set free on bail as well as those who were entitled to make child support payments but failed to do so.

For non–corporate clients, I have found ancestors and descendants in order to trace medical histories as well as estate inheritors and others. If you are not sure how I can help you, here is a look at the private investigative work that I can do:

  • Finding bail skippers, ex-spouses who have defaulted on alimony and child support payments.
  • Locating owners of real estate and vehicles as well as heirs who stand to gain from estate proceeds.
  • Getting information on old friends and relatives.


I have worked with attorneys dealing in civil and criminal law, bail bondsman, police officers, coroner’s offices, genealogy research consultants and others. I believe that the secret of my success as a private eye is the fact that I love my job. So, let me help you find the person you are looking for.

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