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The first thing to check before searching for NC inmate Information is whether the inmate you are looking for is detained in a county jail or in the North Carolina state prison. If you are searching for information on an inmate detained in the state prison then you can use the offender search page of North Carolina Department Of Public Safety at this link At this link you will find the first field as offender status with 4 options to select from. Selecting the first option ‘All’ would mean that you do not want to limit your search to the status of the offenders. If you are looking for information specifically on inmates that are detained in the State prison, then you must select the second option “Active Inmate” which will let you search from offenders who are currently serving sentence. The third option “Active Probationer/Parolee” will allow you to search from offenders who live in the community under the supervision of the Division of Adult Correction. The fourth option “Inactive” would let you search for offenders who have been active in the past or have been under probation or both, but are not active or under probation currently. In order to select an option for the offender status, click on the radio button found towards the left of each description of status.

If you would like to find information of an inmate detained in the NC county jail, you will need to contact the Sheriffs office in the county where the inmate was sentenced in. An important point to note over here is that the inmate you are looking for might not be necessarily detained in the jail of the county where he or she might have been originally from. This is because, if the crime has been committed in another county, then the offender will be detained in the jail of that County. Therefore to successfully locate the inmate you are looking for; you will need to know where the crime was committed and the place where the preliminary report was filed.

How can I use the information of North Carolina inmates?

There many ways in which you can use the information of inmates. The most common requirement for such information is when a household wants to hire a babysitter or an employer wants to hire an employee. Hiring an individual who is not fit for the job due to past mistakes can be a disaster. You could also use the offender search tool to look for people with whom you have been in touch in the past and can now know about their whereabouts. Families with loved ones in the prison will obviously find this tool of utmost importance, as it will help them locate there dear ones and will also help them find information on visiting them or even to establish contact through mails.

Crime statistics in NC

As of 26th July 2012, there were 38,410 inmates, 100,066 under probation, and 3,542 in parole or post release in North Carolina. The number of male inmates is 35,827 and female inmates are 2,583.

The rate of crime per 100,000 people in North Carolina has declined by 0.9% in the year 2011. The violent crime rate (including aggravated assault, robbery, rape and murder) declined by 5.2%. The rate when looked at individually saw an increase of 5.9% for the rate of murder, a decline of 2.8% for the rate of rape, decline of 4.1% for the rate of robbery and a 6% decline in the rate of aggravated assault. There has been a 0.5% decline in the rate of property crime in NC. Rate of burglary declined by 0.9%, larceny saw an increase of 0.4% and motor vehicle theft decreased y 7.9%.

There has been a 6% decline in the number of Juveniles arrested for index crimes in the year 2011; however the number adults arrested for index crimes in the same year increased by 2%. Juveniles arrested for violent crimes decreased by 10% and on the adults side it decreased by 6%. There has been an increase of 4% for property crimes committed by adults, while a decrease of 5% was seen in arrest of Juveniles for the same.