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There can be several reasons why a person would be interested in Wake County inmate search. Typically, victims who are understandably keen on being informed about the movement of a prisoner in the correctional system and those who want to connect with convicts serving time use the inmate locator facilities provided by various criminal justice agencies in North Carolina.

In Onslow County, an inmate search can be done through online as well as offline means. The two agencies that can help you with such inquiries are the NC Department of Public Safety and the office of the local sheriff’s department. Make no mistake; you are not seeking the same information from two sources here. Although both agencies will allow you to conduct inmate lookups, the details they offer will be totally different.

Inmate search from Iredell County, NC can be used to find details on inmates and as a rudimentary crime history inquiry. However, in order to use inmate lookups to get crime related data, you will need to approach the correct criminal justice agency for the investigation. Typically, you would either go to the sheriff’s office or the NC Department of Public Safety for inmate finder services.

Like in other parts of North Carolina, for an inmate search in Guilford County, you will get two options. The police department that handles law enforcement in a certain geographical area also maintains its own correctional system that is exclusively used to handle the detention of offenders who have been sentenced to less than a year in jail and those who have not been granted bonded release.

In Gaston County, inmate searches can be conducted in two ways. You could use the services of the sheriff’s office or contact the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. The latter will be a suitable option for people who are launching an inquiry on an individual who has been charged and found guilty of a serious crime, which is punishable by more than a year in prison.

As per the constitution of North Carolina, the judicial department is considered coequal to the state government along with the executive and legislative branches. NC court system also known as the General Court of Justice is the unified, state operated and statewide system.

The North Carolina Uniform Crime Reporting also known as UCR is part of a national effort to provide criminal statistics that can be used by various law enforcement agencies, management and operation. It is administered by the FBI.

As per reports and surveys, it has been proven that sex offenders are prone to repeating their crime. Therefore, if you are responsible for the safety of your family, or if you live alone and would like to certain your own safety

The North Carolina Prison Division believes in the benefits of work and therefore required all the inmates to work while they are in prison. The sills and habits that inmates learn at work will ensure success for the inmate when released from the prison.

When an individual on whose name an arrest warrant has been issued has not been arrested by law enforcement officers, then the arrest warrant on that individuals name becomes an outstanding arrest warrant in some time.

The first thing to check before searching for NC inmate Information is whether the inmate you are looking for is detained in a county jail or in the North Carolina state prison.

Under Chapter 132 of the General statues of North Carolina, the Public Records Law of NC is made to guarantee the public of access to records that pertain to the public and is kept by the Governmental bodies.

If you would like to get record checks done on a regular basis, then there are three major ways of getting it done. However it is important to note that, the first two mentioned below can be used by anyone

In North Carolina, the attorney General is elected by people every four years. The attorney general is the state’s top lawyer and senior most law enforcement officer.

The North Carolina Department of Correction is made up of two major divisions of operation. These are the Division of Adult Probation and Parole and the Division of Prisons.

While a civil case implies that a citizen is bringing charges on a citizen, a criminal case implies that the state of North Carolina is prosecuting the suspect for the charges filed.

An active warrant is a warrant that has not yet been executed. An individual who has an active warrant on his or her name can be arrested by any police officer or a sheriff.

Due to the increasing rate of hate crimes in US, the President of United States approved a law on 23rd April 1990, known as the Hate Crime Statistics Act.