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Gaston county inmate search

In Gaston County, inmate searches can be conducted in two ways. You could use the services of the sheriff’s office or contact the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. The latter will be a suitable option for people who are launching an inquiry on an individual who has been charged and found guilty of a serious crime, which is punishable by more than a year in prison.

Although the information offered in response to Gaston County inmate lookup will vary significantly based on the agency that you approach, you will need basic details about the subject to launch the investigation through any state entity. Also, you will need to know about the correctional system that houses the inmate.

As a thumb rule, you can take it for granted that anybody who is still undergoing trial can be found in local jails along with those offenders who were charged with petty misdemeanors and were found guilty. Prison sentences that are no longer than one year will all be served out in the local jails. So, when you launch a Gaston county jail inmate search, you are essentially trying to find offenders lodged in local correctional centers.

For this, you will need to use the inmate locator tool for Gaston offered by the sheriff’s department, since they are in charge of the correctional division of the area. Go to and look at the menu to your left. You will see the “inmate search option” and the link under it that reads “inmate search disclaimer”. Click on this to access the terms and conditions page and to proceed to the inmate finder tool.

To initiate a Gaston County prison inmate search which will get you details on offenders who have been found guilty of Class A and B misdemeanors and felonies and are doing time in state penitentiaries, you can approach the NC Department of Public Safety. Their website which has the inmate look up tool for Gaston can be found at