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North Carolina Active Warrant Search

An active warrant is a warrant that has not yet been executed. An individual who has an active warrant on his or her name can be arrested by any police officer or a sheriff. In the state of North Carolina, just as in the other states, the person getting arrested has the right to know the reason for the arrest. If the warrant has been issued by a judge and long time has passed since the issuance, then the warrant would turn into an outstanding warrant.

The procedure of getting a warrant issued on anyone’s name begins with the police report being filed. After the report has been filed, a legal statement will be recorded by the police from the person who is filing the report. Next, the all the information along with the police report will be presented to a Judge, who will determine whether or not the individual mentioned in the report, needs to be arrested. If the judge thinks that the individual needs to be arrested, then he or she will approve the arrest warrant. Except for select cases, a specific officer would be assigned the responsibility to arrest the person mentioned on the NC arrest warrant. After the suspect has been caught by the police, he or she will be brought before the court, where a trial will begin. Till the suspect is not found guilty by the court, he or she will be treated as innocent.

An arrest warrant in North Carolina will not be removed from file till the suspect gets arrested or dies. To check whether or not an arrest warrant issued with your name on it, you must contact the local court of the county where you think the arrest warrant could have been issued from. Additionally, you can also check in the Sheriffs office.

Having an unsolved arrest warrant on your name can create many problems for you. For example, if you were to apply for a job, the interviewer could run a background check on you and find the active warrant. And then instead of getting a job, you might actually get arrested as the interviewer could contact the police right away. NC Arrest warrants of low severity like due to the non payment of traffic ticket could be resolved by paying a small fee. However, if left unpaid, it could result in getting arrested even when stopped for a routine check while driving. So make sure to get the active arrest warrant settled and if required get help from a lawyer.