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How to get Record Checks done on an ongoing basis?

If you would like to get record checks done on a regular basis, then there are three major ways of getting it done. However it is important to note that, the first two mentioned below can be used by anyone, while the last one can only be used by those who have statutory authorization

Firstly you can get the background check done through the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts on a regular basis.

The Remote Public Access Program of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Court can used to make civil searches and background checks on the database that has the information for the whole state. Some of the examples of information that can be accessed through this search are criminal records which include judgments, evictions, tax liens and infractions.

If you would like to make background checks on a regular basis directly from your office then you can call at 919 890-2220 or email rpa et to reach a team of Remote Public Access, in order to get the connectivity and cost information.

Secondly you can get the information you are looking for from a third party vendor.
Record checks can also be done through the services provided by a third party vendor, who will be able to sell the information to you. Each vendor will have their own separate charge. These vendors get the information from NCAOC and their information is the same as the data found in the database of the clerks. However, there is no guarantee provided by NCAOC on how accurate or current the data is.

Receiving information of your employees from SBI

If you have the statutory authority to run a background check on an employee, then you will need to visit the SBI website at this link

How to get a one time Record Check done?

There are three ways in which you can get the record check done for an individual just once:
Contact the clerk sitting in the office of Superior Court: By contacting the clerk, you will be able to get the certified copy of the information you are looking for. There is a form that you will need to fill and mail it to the clerk’s office. You can access this form at this link . A fee of $25 will be required. Once the form is filled you will need to send it to the clerk of the county in which you want the background check to be done. At this link you can select the county you want to check in and then click on search to find the contact details of the clerk’s office.

You can also do a background check on the public access terminals that are found in the office of the clerk. The search can be done free of cost, but there would be a small fee if you would like to get a print out of the same. However, these searches are uncertified.

Uncertified statewide records check with SBI: You can obtain yours or any individuals criminal record from all over the state from the State Bureau of Investigation, by submitting the finger print card along with the required fee.

Uncertified Records Check on Third Party Website: Records can also be checked on third party websites. There would normally be a fee for this service, which would vary as per the provider.

Nondisclosure of court records

If you do not want your own criminal record to show up in record checks, you will need to get in touch with a lawyer to get it sorted out, as there is no simple form than can be filled to get this done. The lawyer will need to make a petition to the court on your behalf.