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North Carolina Prisons and Jails

The North Carolina Prison Division believes in the benefits of work and therefore required all the inmates to work while they are in prison. The sills and habits that inmates learn at work will ensure success for the inmate when released from the prison. All the work opportunities extended to inmates are meaningful and will benefit the state or other acceptable interest.

Inmates are assigned work as per their current skills and also as per the requirement of the facility. It is normal for inmates to get a change of work when their status of security or housing gets changed. Inmates can be moved into better jobs by constantly performing well and by acquiring new skills through the vocational trainings in offer over here.

Refusing to accept an assignment or poor performance are considered as violation of prison rules and will attract appropriate punishment. Participation in work assignments are rewarded by cash incentive and credits for sentence reduction.

Policy and Procedures for Tobacco

Since January 1st 2006, usage of tobacco materials and tobacco products is prohibited in the prison facility.

Cigarettes, chews, smokeless tobacco, snuff, cigars or any other product containing tobacco are considered as tobacco products. Products used to smoke including pipes, rolling papers or other similar items that can be used to ingest or inhale tobacco are considered as tobacco materials.

The using of lighting devices, tobacco materials or tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the facility.

Any inmate found in possession of such products or materials will be seen as violating the tobacco or smoking policy, and will be subject to disciplinary action. It is a crime to give or sell tobacco or cigarettes to anybody below the age of 18 and the use of tobacco is prohibited all over the facility even by visitors.

Activity Program

The NC Division of Prison understands that each and every inmate has the capability to change their behavior for good and therefore provides opportunity to do so by asking them to participate in the various prison programs. The prison programs are designed to help inmates to adjust with the prison surroundings and to prepare for their release into the community.

Inmates in NC prisons are expected to partake in the program activities for self improvement. Since programs are offered during the day and in the evenings, inmates are able to partake in programs and can also maintain their work schedule.

Inmates go through an extensive evaluation process during their reception period. On the basis of this evaluation the prison officials will decide the kind of programs that can be offered to the inmates. The inmates who do not have any job skill or high school education are expected to partake in the educational programs. Similarly, substance abuse programs will be offered to inmates who have had issues with drugs or alcohol.

Counseling programs will be offered to inmates who’ve had problems with managing their anger or even with cooperating with others. Many other programs apart from the ones mentioned above are available. These programs focus on health benefits, self enrichment and learning opportunities.

Participating in programs can result in gaining credits for sentence reduction. Successful completion of programs will showcase the positive behavior of the inmate and will make the inmate eligible for additional privileges and newer programs.

Visiting an Inmate

A visit can only occur after a visitor application form is approved by staff at the facility. Inmates will be required to mail a blank visit application form to the people they would like to get visited from. This form will be available in the facility.

Application should be submitted for each of the minor and adult visitor. Once the application is filled it must be submitted to the facility where the inmate is currently detained. Application must be submitted by the applicant and not by the inmate. Application with incomplete information will not be approved.