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Onslow county inmate search

In Onslow County, an inmate search can be done through online as well as offline means. The two agencies that can help you with such inquiries are the NC Department of Public Safety and the office of the local sheriff’s department. Make no mistake; you are not seeking the same information from two sources here. Although both agencies will allow you to conduct inmate lookups, the details they offer will be totally different.

When you launch an Onslow County jail inmate search, you will only be given the low down on inmates being held in the local correctional facilities. These are prisoners who are serving time for minor criminal transgressions which have earned them a sentence of less than one year. There are also suspects holed in these centers who have not been granted release under bail.

This information can be found by using the Onslow County inmate finder provided by the local sheriff’s office. You can connect with the sheriff’s office as well. To do so call on them at 701 Mill Avenue, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

If you go in for an Onslow County prison inmate search, you will be told about criminals who have been detained in state correctional facilities for longer periods, usually exceeding one year. These are not under-trials but convicts, so they have already been charged with serious criminal acts.

To find this information, you could use the inmate locator found on the web portal of the NC Department of Public Safety at Alternatively, you can contact them by going to their office at 4201 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-4201 or call them on 919-716-3700.

The inmate search tool for Onslow County on the website can be accessed by clicking on the “offender public search” tab available to the left of the screen. You will be able to find offenders who are currently incarcerated in state prisons and also you can learn about probationers and offenders who have now been released from the prison.