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Wake county inmate search

There can be several reasons why a person would be interested in Wake County inmate search. Typically, victims who are understandably keen on being informed about the movement of a prisoner in the correctional system and those who want to connect with convicts serving time use the inmate locator facilities provided by various criminal justice agencies in North Carolina.

Like in the areas of the country, before you turn to the use of a Wake County inmate finder tool, you will need to have a clear idea about whether you are connecting with the right state entity for your investigation. To begin with you will need to have an understanding of the correctional hierarchy in the area.

For example, local jails will only house inmates who are undergoing trial or those who have been sentenced to less than a year in prison. So, it would be best to use the Wake County jail inmate search facility for inquiries pertaining to such offenders. On the other hand, state jails hold inmates who are serving longer sentences and have already been convicted.

To look up information on these criminals, it would be most suitable to use the Wake County prison inmate search service offered by the NC Department of Public Safety. Finally, federal jails are used to incarcerate convicts who have been accused of criminal acts in several states. To use the DOC inmate lookup service, go to On the left, you will see “the offender public search” tab; click it to access the inmate locator feature of the website.

You could also contact the North Carolina DPS through their office at 4201 Mail Service Center   Raleigh, NC   27699-4201 or write to their adult corrections division. Conducting a Wake County jail inmate search is a different ball game. For this, you will need to connect with the sheriff’s office at 3301 Hammond Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610, United States. Fortunately, you also get an online option for inmate look up here at the website of the agency on