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With an arrest order in hand, a law enforcement officer can take a person into custody at any time and from any place, In fact, in case of felonies, there are no geographical restrictions placed on the execution of the warrant. This means that a person who has an Alamance County, NC warrant out against him can not only get arrested outside the county but also in another state altogether.

Once issued by the judiciary, these orders for detention are known as active arrest warrants and all information pertaining to them is maintained in the court dockets by the county clerk. In addition, the issuing authority, in this case the magistrate's court, also maintains records of all the arrest warrants issued through the judicial system.

Finally, because the execution of the warrant is left to the sheriff's department, the law enforcement agency also assimilated and maintains its own crime records repository. Now, all these data is classified in the category of public records and hence it is accessible to just about everybody.

If you want to do a warrant search, you should ideally start with the courthouse of Alamance County, North Carolina. You can call the Clerk or Court on 336-438-1001 or the judicial complex on 336-570-5200. The first number is a direct line to the county clerk's office while the second will get you more information on contacting the magistrate's court.

The physical address of both these judicial entities is the same as they share different sections of the main courthouse located on 212 W Elm St, Graham, NC 27253-2882.

Contacting the sheriff's office will not only get you information on all arrest warrants out in the name of a specific person and his criminal background but also you will be able to get your hands on generic details like the wanted list. The office of the Sherriff of Alamance County is situated on 109 S Maple St in Graham, North Carolina 27253. Their telephones number is 336-570-6311 but you will not be allowed to look outstanding warrant records based on a phone request.

With an increase of nearly 50% in the crime rates of Alamance over the ten year period from 1999 to 2008, is it any wonder that almost 14 complaints are lodged in the area every day?

Even at the start of the decade, the number of antisocial events taking place per year in the county was on the higher side. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the police the figures burgeoned to almost 5000 cases of violent crime being reported in 2008 alone.

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