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Is It Possible To Access An Arrest Report Or Warrants List Through Official Sources In Hertford, NC?

When doing a warrant search in Hertford, NC, I could not find any information from the website of the sheriff’s dept. They do not offer access to their police blotter in any form. This I can understand because the police reports contain a lot of very sensitive information; plus the blotter also includes details on arrest warrants.

However, I was surprised by the fact that the sheriff’s office does post photographs of the county’s most wanted but not the arrest records for the area. Usually, you will find an arrest log in the form of an inmate list. But, not from this law enforcement agency. You can seek criminal court records from the clerk’s office, but they would only include an arrest report about your subject and not the details on all recent detentions or a warrant list.

Call me a cynic, but I truly believe that the availability of a criminal check online helps to keep people aware of the anti-social elements working around them. That said, take a look at how you can find crime related data from law enforcement and the judiciary.

How do I get the police to cooperate with my criminal check?

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  • Go to the sheriff’s office: The agency can be approached at 701, North Taylor Street, Winton, NC 27986, USA. You can get in touch with the administrative division and request them to find arrest information and details on outstanding warrants in the name of your subject.

You can mail in the request for a background search to PO Box 176 at the address above. I would suggest that you talk to the agency and let them know of your request before choosing the best way to contact them for the information you need. You can call them on 252-358-7800.

What can I do to get Hertford County criminal court records from the Clerk’s Office?

The Clerk of Superior Court of Hertford County works out of 119 Justice Drive, Winton, NC 27986 and the agency can help you out in two ways with your offender search.

  • They will allow you to look through their court docket database for free. But this service is not available online, which means that you are left with the only other options- that of visiting them.
  • You can send in your request for an offender search by mail but then you will have to pay $25 for it.

In both cases, you will need the name and the date of birth of the subject to access the arrest reports. However, with a self-conducted search, you will also be able to access details on civil court cases that involve your person of interest.

In contrast, with a paid inquiry, you get a certified copy of the background search report. However, the inquiry is name based and not finger print based, which means that it won’t amount to much in an official capacity.

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