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Camden County NC Warrants Search

Who can help you with a warrant check in Camden, North Carolina?

I know you expect me to direct you to the sheriff’s dept for your warrant search in Camden County. But, take it from somebody who has been there and done it all; the police won’t be of much help when you need arrest records or details on active warrants. Why, you ask? For one, providing criminal court records to the public has been delegated to a judiciary branch.

This means that the law enforcement agency is not obligated to offer this service to community members. So, don’t expect them to open up the police blotter for you any time soon. However, there are two ways to get them to cooperate with you when you need details on arrest warrants. Let me explain this further…

How can I get the police to help me with a criminal check in Camden, NC?

  1. The first option is to take your inquiry on outstanding warrants to the office of the sheriff. The agency works out of 117 N Carolina Hwy 343 S, Camden, NC 27921, USA. Once there, connect with the records division for your offender check.

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You will be asked to provide the name and date of birth of the subject in whose name the warrant search is to be initiated and your identification card. So, let me put it this way- If you have an active warrant from Camden in your name, this is not where you should go to find criminal records.

  1. The second option, and I will warn you at the outset that this will only get you generic information, is to check out the FB page of the sheriff’s department

No, this certainly won’t be the answer to your active warrants or arrest inquiry, but you will find some information from the police log. For instance, you can see a few arrest mugshots and get the details on some of the outstanding warrants.

Can the judiciary help me to get an arrest report or a warrants list for Camden County?

Come to think of it. The judiciary is a far better option when you want to do a background check. What, with the Clerk’s office in possession of all criminal court dockets, I’d say these guys have all the information you want. The only problem is that you still won’t have access to the arrest log or the warrant list online. But, you do get two choices when launching the warrant lookup.

  • The free service: For this, you will need to visit the Clerk of Superior Court’s office and use the computers in the lobby to access the database of court cases. As long as you have the name of the subject and possibly the date of birth or details about a particular criminal case, you won’t have much of a problem finding the information you need. Unless you need to get printouts of the report, you won’t have to pay a cent.
  • The paid service: This can be availed by visiting the office personally or writing to the agency. In both scenarios, you will end up paying $25 and will have to provide the name and the date of birth of the subject. However, the report you receive will be certified.

The clerk’s office’s address is the same as that of the sheriff’s department, and to mail in your request for a warrant search, do so at- Post Office Box 219, 117 NC Hwy 343 North, Camden, NC  27921.


Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Camden County? (By 2021)           

  • (252) 338-5046 -Contact the Sheriff’s Office for arrest records, incident and accident reports.
  • (252) 331-1500 -Contact the agency’s 24-hour phone line to get information on recent arrests.
  • (252) 336-4019 -Contact the Magistrate’s Office for information on active warrants.
  • (252) 336-4000 -Contact the Clerk of Court for a case search.
  • (252) 331-4530 -Contact the District Attorney’s Office to get help for crime victims.


Crime statistics of Camden County

The Camden Sheriff’s Office handled 85 criminal complaints in 2019. Of these, 74 were property offenses, and 11 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 38 larceny thefts, 32 burglaries, 4 auto thefts, 10 aggravated assaults, and 1 robbery.


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