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Duplin County NC Warrants Search

Would It Be Better To Approach The Police For An Arrest Report In Duplin, NC?

If your search is person-specific, meaning you don’t want public arrest records for Duplin, then I’d say don’t go to the sheriff’s dept. I was surprised to know that even when you visit the agency in person, they are reluctant to part with arrest warrants’ details.

I’d also suggest that you don’t hold your breath trying to find the police blotter from this agency or a warrants list on their website. They have the workforce and the resources, yet they choose not to use these to offer criminal court records online.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I understand law enforcement is skeptical about providing a warrant list online, but what about an arrest log? Other agencies have no problem posting this information on their websites. Anyway, continue reading to know how you can connect with the sheriff’s dept for a warrant search and how to get other information from them and the judiciary in response to a warrant check.

Can I get the police to offer any information on arrest warrants?

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  1. You could visit the law enforcement agency’s office at 112 W Hill St, Kenansville, NC 28349, USA. Even if they are not forthcoming with the information on an active warrant in the name of your subject, you can be sure that they will act on it if one exists. If a case is beyond the investigation stages and charges have already been filed and arrest made, they may provide this information to you when you seek their help for a criminal check.
  2. This is an indirect approach to getting your hands on the police arrest log. Take a look at the Facebook page of the department at Many of their posts are about criminal complaints and cold cases so that you will find arrest mug shots or information about outstanding warrants issued in some issues, etc. If nothing else, you will come back well informed about the community’s happenings, so worth a glance.

Can I go to the judiciary for criminal court records from Duplin, NC?

Of course, you can! I would suggest that if you need third party arrest records, the clerk of court’s office would be the best place to initiate the warrant inquiry. Unfortunately, I cannot say that they will offer details on outstanding warrants and arrest records online. However, if you don’t want to visit the agency office, you can write to them, and they will mail back a certified copy of the results of your warrant search. Here are the two services that the agency provides:

  1. Paid warrant search: There is a fee of $25 for availing this facility, and you will have to fill the form at You can send this form through mail to PO Box 189, Kenansville, NC 28349, or you can hand it over to the personnel from the clerk’s office when you visit them. As you can see, the only information you need is the name of the subject and birth date. Scroll down the pdf, and you will also get details on what to expect from your criminal check if they find a match.

You can use the terminals meant for public use at the office of the clerk. These two are connected to the court docket database maintained by the agency. So, you will get the same information as you would from your paid warrant check, just that this facility won’t cost you anything. To visit the agency, go to 112 Duplin St, Kenansville, NC 28349.

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