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Orange County NC Warrants Search

Going To State Agencies in Orange County For An Arrest Report And Warrant Search!

My visit to the Orange County Sheriff’s website did not get me much besides the day’s arrest log. I was hoping for a warrant list and was even optimistic about finding information from the police blotter. But, this data is kept away from the public.

Similarly, you won’t find a warrant list online. However, I feel you can get details about arrest warrants if you approach the law enforcement agency in person. What supports my assumption is that the Sheriff’s Office actively participates in a program for community watch.

In keeping with it, they do provide what can be called a small warrant list on their website through the most wanted page. This means that you cannot get a proper criminal check done through this agency, but you can find arrest records and even get a warrant search if you connect with the agency personally. That said, there is another office that you can approach for criminal court records. Continue reading to know more.

How do I access the arrest log from the Sheriff’s Dept of Orange?

Let me first tell you about how you can launch your arrest inquiry online, and then we will get to the choices available for accessing details on active warrants through the sheriff’s office.

police officer holding an m16 riffle back view

  1. Online arrest reports: Take a look at the page on You will find a list of all individuals who the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept is currently holding. Apart from the detainee’s name, you will also get details on the charges against him, the bond amount, and the court docket number.
  2. Accessing police reports: The law enforcement agency also allows you to access details on criminal matters that have recently occurred in your area. This service is available at You may not get the name of the suspect/s by using this tool, but you will get information on the criminal event.
  3. The most wanted list: When I wrote this article, there were no listings on the page, but I would still ask you to look at it when compiling your warrants list. You can also get limited information on outstanding warrants and arrest records from the FB page of the sheriff at
  4. Getting information on the criminal occurrences of the day: This facility is only open for community watch members. You can fill a form on the sheriff website’s website at, and if you qualify for the information, you will receive it in your email inbox every day.

For more information, you can always approach the sheriff’s office personally at 106 East Margaret Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278.

How can I get my hands on criminal court records in Orange, NC?

For a criminal check or a personal background search with a certified report, I highly recommend that you get in touch with the Orange County Clerk of Superior Court. They can be contacted by going to:

  • Their main office located at 106 E Margaret Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278
  • The alternate office at 179 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
  • The other alternate office at 104 E. King Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278



How do you get information about Orange County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • For information on arrests and inmates, call the Orange County Jail at (919) 245-2940.
  • For general inquiries, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office at (919) 245-2900.
  • For arrest records, police reports, and accident reports, get in touch with the agency at (919) 245-2908.
  • For investigation-related questions, call (919) 245-2927 (for victims only).
  • For information on arrest warrants, call the Records Division at (919) 245-2906.
  • For victim’s assistance, call (919) 245-2950 (Sheriff’s Office) or (919) 644-4600 (District Attorney’s Office).
  • For information on filing a request for a criminal background search, call the Office of the Clerk of Court at (919) 644-4500


Crime statistics of Orange County

In 2018, the Orange Sheriff’s Department received 570 criminal complaints. These included 510 complaints against property offenses and 59 against violent crimes.

Approximately 304 larceny thefts, 178 burglaries, and 28 motor vehicle thefts were recorded as property offenses. Around 52 aggravated assaults and 7 robberies were among the reported violent offenses.


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