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What Are The Easiest Options for a Warrant Check in Buncombe County, North Carolina?

If I were to draw up a list of counties in North Carolina that make it easy for regular folks to launch a warrant search or find criminal records, Buncombe would definitely figure in it. I have approached both the police and the judicial agencies of the area for arrest records and warrant checks and I found both law enforcement and the judiciary to be extremely helpful.

While you can get a lot of information from these sources when you initiate a criminal check, I’d say that you should pick the agency to connect with based on the amount of information you require and the reason for your inquiry. Let me elaborate on this:

When should I approach the police for a warrants list from Buncombe County, NC?

The police place the request for arrest warrants in criminal matters. If the court grants this request, the deputies are entrusted the task of serving the active warrants and then holding the arrestee till such time that he/she can be brought before the magistrate for a bail hearing.

The detention facility which houses under trials is also under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. So, if you want criminal records that are connected to these duties, approaching the sheriff’s office would be your best bet. I am going to take this explanation one step further and tell you exactly what details you can get from the police:

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Inmate list: Buncombe County Sheriff’s office allows you to access the most recent arrest log by using the online search tool at

Incident search: If the subject of your warrant search was recently involved in a criminal incident and you have some details about this occurrence, like the area in which the crime was reported and the date of the incident, you can use the tool at to learn more about the case.

Closed calls: This is a facility that gives you information on all the calls received by the local police and their outcome. This is another nifty tool I would say to know about recent arrest reports, although the names of the suspects are not given in the crime records. The feature is available at

Most wanted list: At the time of writing this article, there were no suspects in the most wanted list. But, I would ask you to check the page at often to know about the criminal activities in your county. In fact, this is your best bet if you are seeking a warrant list from the area.

The daily bulletin: Now, this is what I call the mother load of information.  In fact, I’d say the page at is as close as you can get to accessing the police blotter for Buncombe County. You will find all arrest reports for the day along with details pertaining to traffic accidents, issue and service of summons and citations and more.

If after all of that, you still need more information on police reports, get in touch with the sheriff’s dept in person at 60 Court Plaza, 4th Floor, Asheville, NC 28801. For all of you who want to know about recent crimes in the area, I would point you to the Facebook page of the law enforcement agency at

When would I connect with the judiciary for a criminal records search in Buncombe?

I only recommend going to the office of the clerk of court when you need a formal background check done. This can be in your own name, when you want the report for immigration or employment or the inquiry can be done in the name of another individual.

The good news is that the clerk’s department works out of the same location as the police. So, once you are at the address given above, you can get access to all the criminal court records that you need.

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