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Read This Before Looking For An Arrest Report For Gates County, NC!

You guys already know that I am private investigator, but just like any regular Jane/Joe, my first instinct is to approach the police when I want a warrant search done or am in need of arrest records.

That said, I am going to shift the focus to Gates County law enforcement here. Typically, I would expect them to help out members of the community with a warrants list and an arrest log, if not the police blotter.

But, the year started of badly for the Gates County Sheriff’s Dept. with 3 deputies and even the sheriff being arrested by the SBI. So, if you are reading this article in the beginning of 2018 and are looking for details on Gates arrest warrants, you will find scant information online from the agency. Which brings me to the all-important question that I am sure you have by now- 

Just, how do I go about getting a criminal check done in Gates County, NC?

The Sheriff’s office has taken down its website and FB page in the response to community backlash, I suppose. However, I would still recommend that you approach them for a warrant inquiry. No, I am not suggesting that they will give you access to their police blotter or the warrant list, but you can expect them to help you out with a background check. You can connect with the agency in two ways:

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  • Call on them in person by visiting their office at 202 Court St, Gatesville, NC 27938
  • Write to them at PO Box 154, Gatesville, NC 27938

Now, before I move on to the next agency that will handle your request for an offender search, let me tell you when you should not approach the police for a warrant inquiry.

Let us get one thing very clear- You do not get any cookie points for turning yourself in, except for the fact that you will not be dragged from your home/place of work in handcuffs while the people you know look on.

I will put this simply- If you feel that you have an active warrant from Gates in your name, your safest bet is to seek this information online and through a private agency. Yes, you will have to pay a small fee for services rendered but at least you will get the heads up on the situation and enough time to seek legal assistance before the cops come calling.

If you are seeking this information on a third party, you will be asked to provide the reason for your warrant check. This is done to ensure that you are not abetting a suspect/criminal by finding information on arrest warrants for him/her. Enough said about this, now let me get to the next question.

How do I find criminal court records from the Clerk of Court’s office?

The only good thing about visiting the sheriff’s office is that you also get to go to the clerk’s office, which is in the same complex. Now, this is one agency that has the “insider view” on all judicial matters. So, whether you are talking about civil or criminal court cases, the clerk’s deputies will have information on it. They offer two choices for accessing details from their court docket database.

  • You can visit them and use the public service terminals to find arrest records and details on outstanding warrants for free.
  • You can ask them to launch a background search for you. The request can be made personally or you can write to them at PO Box 31, Gatesville, NC 27938. You will have to pay $25 for this facility.

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