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Who Should You Go To For Your Warrant Search In Currituck?

You will agree with me when I tell you that nobody needs to work their noggin to figure out that law enforcement and the judiciary are the two likeliest choices for a warrant search in Currituck, NC. I’d say most people who are interested in procuring an arrest report, a warrants list, or criminal court records of any kind would look up these two agencies, and I don’t blame them. Let me tell you why:

  1. These two agencies run the entire justice machinery in the area. For instance, if we were discussing arrest warrants, I’d that the police request the court’s to issue the detention order, and once they procure it, they set about to make the arrest.
  2. The court, the clerk of court, and the sheriff’s dept maintain all criminal court records. There is a constant exchange of information between these agencies.

So, I can safely say that these offices do work closely to make things happen. Hence, you’d think that either of these agencies would help you with a warrant list or an arrest log.

Wrong! You could not get the police to share lesser information than what they already do if you were to try. It is that bad. Let alone the police blotter, you cannot even launch an offender search online, and I am talking about incarcerated offenders here. This is information that typically gets offered as part of a criminal check online. But not from the Currituck Sheriff’s office!

Is there any information that I can get from the police to respond to Currituck’s criminal check?

Like I said, getting details on active warrants or launching an arrest inquiry online is out of the question. You can visit the agency and communicate with their administrative division, which is in charge of handling and disseminating arrest records and other information about outstanding warrants. The agency works out of 407 Maple Road, Maple, North Carolina 27956, and they offer two types of warrant check services:

  • A background check in your name is generally used for gun permits, employment, adoption, and licensing.
  • Third-party criminal checks: You will get an arrest report and details about all criminal matters (past the investigative stage) through this inquiry.

How do I approach the judiciary for an arrest report or details on active warrants?

You can get your criminal check done from the judiciary in two ways. You either take the direct route and get in touch with the Clerk of Court, or you rely on your research skills and check out the information offered by the court calendar search tool. Here is how you can access both these options:

  1. Connecting with the court clerk: The most straightforward way is to show up at their office, located at 2795 Caratoke Hwy, Currituck, NC 27929. Ask to use the public service computers and do the digging on your own. This way, you get to access the arrest records for free.

If you are willing to pay for the arrest report, be prepared to incur a cost of $25 for the assisted search. You can also avail of the paid warrant search service by writing to the agency at PO Box 175, Currituck, NC 27929.

Searching through the court docket database: The tool at will allow you to look for court dates by using the name of the defendant as the search criteria. Although you will not get in-depth information on court cases through this facility, you can find out if your subject is currently involved in a criminal process of any kind.


How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Currituck County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • Contact the Magistrate’s Court at 252-232-6219 for a warrant search.
  • Connect with the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office at 252-453-3633 to learn about recent arrests.
  • Get in touch with the Records Division at 252-453-8204 to learn how to do a local criminal history check and access arrest records.
  • Connect with the District Attorney’s Office at (252) 331-4530 to reach Victim/Witness Services.
  • Call the Clerk of Circuit Court at (252) 232-6200 to get judicial records.


Crime statistics of Currituck County

Currituck County’s crime rate went from 349 to 331 incidents between 2018 and 2019. Property offenses received the most complaints, with 268 cases reported throughout the year.

The offenses listed in this category included 69 burglaries and 187 cases of larceny thefts. More than 60 complaints filed in 2019 were attributed to violent crimes.


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