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Clay County NC Warrants Search

Is There A Way To Launch A Criminal Check And Find Arrest Warrants From Clay County, NC?

I wish I could tell you that the sheriff’s website is the only resource you will need. But, I have come back sorely disappointed whenever I have tried to find criminal court records from this source, and I am sure you will feel the same way.

Before you wonder why let me tell you that there isn’t a stitch of information about arrest records or active warrants on the sheriff’s website, I think I don’t have to explicitly state that you won’t be getting access to the police blotter from this agency.

Come to think of it. Police reports will be out of bounds for you regardless of which county agency you approach for your warrant check; ditto for a warrants list. However, you can get an arrest report in your subject’s name but not the arrest log for the day or even one that dates back to several weeks or months. Now that we have the ground rules covered let me tell you where to go for information on arrest warrants.

How can I get the police to do a Clay County warrant search for me?

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  1. The police will only entertain your request for a warrant lookup if you visit the law enforcement agency’s office or mail in the inquiry. However, the latter is a service that they typically reserve for witnesses and victims.

To visit the agency, find your way to Courthouse Drive, Hayesville, NC 28904. You will be asked to furnish information about the subject of your inquiry and the reason for the warrant search. Do not forget to carry a government-issued ID card along.

  1. You can also find limited information on active warrants from the Facebook posts of the agency. Their official page can be found at Don’t expect much from this source because they do not provide details on all the handling cases. At best, I would call this a minimal source of police records.

Which judicial agency should I approach for criminal court records?

Once again, you won’t find a warrant list from the court or clerk of the court’s office, but you can initiate a background search through the latter. You can avail of their help through a paid warrant inquiry, or you can browse through the court docket database on your own.

  • For the paid inquiry, send a money order of $25 and the form at duly filled with the required information. You can also seek this service by visiting the office in person.
  • For accessing the information on court cases on your own, use the general help computers at the clerk’s office. To avail of this and the paid warrant search facility, use the department’s address at 261 Courthouse Dr, Suite 1, Hayesville, NC 28904.

On a parting note, let me offer you a word of warning. If you feel that you may have an outstanding warrant in your name resulting from anything more than unpaid traffic tickets, it would be best to connect with a lawyer. With an active warrant against you, whether you go to the police or the judiciary, you will be taken into custody as soon as you walk into the agency office.

This is why people are asked to supply some form of identification before giving them access to criminal records. Neither the police nor the judiciary wants suspects on the run to have information about the arrest warrants against them.


How do you obtain details pertaining to Clay County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)              

  • To ask about recent arrests and outstanding warrants, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Department at 828-389-6354.
  • To get access to prisoner arrest records, reach out to the Administrator of the Clay County Jail at 828-389-8207.
  • To learn more about accessing judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at 828-389-2300.


Crime statistics of Clay County

In 2018, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office dealt with 274 criminal cases. There were 258 property offenses and 16 violent crimes among the reported crimes.

Around 140 larceny thefts, 101 burglaries, and 15 motor vehicle thefts were listed as property offenses. Save for the single case filed against rape, all other complaints against violent crimes were filed in connection with assault.

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