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Is It Possible To Access The Police Blotter Or Criminal Court Records For Guilford, NC?

When I am seeking an arrest report or details on arrest warrants, I simply love to find myself on a website like that of Guilford County Sheriff’s Dept. Why you wonder? Well, for starters the agency is incredibly generous when it comes to offering the criminal court records they hold. They are yet to put up the police blotter on their portal, but aside from that, you can pretty much conduct a criminal check by using the information offered.

For example, the agency provides arrest records online along with a limited part of their warrants list plus incident report and more. Apart from the police, you also have the option of taking your warrant search to the office of the Clerk of Superior Court. However, their methods for offering an arrest log are all offline and you cannot get a warrant list from them. Continue reading to learn more…

How do I get the police of Guilford County to do a warrant search?

The direct answer to that question would be- Visit the agency office at 400 W Washington St Greensboro NC 27401 USA. But, do call them on 336-641-3694 to know about their warrant inquiry procedure. Another way is to mail in your request for a background search to [email protected].

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Even if the communication does not get you the required arrest records, you will at least get to know how to go about the task. That said, I am a big fan of conducting my inquiries for criminal court records online and this is what you can find from the sheriff’s website:

  1. The most wanted list: Since there are bound to be active warrants in the name of each person in this list, this can serve as the first step towards compiling the warrants list you need. The most wanted list which also has photographs of the suspects can be found at
  2. Outstanding warrants list: The wanted list available at is simply a collection of active warrants issued in civil processes.
  3. The daily bulletin: The information does not date back too far but this is the police log of arrests that we are talking about here, what more could you possibly ask for? It is available at and the information on the page includes everything from the name of the arrestee to the charges against him/her and more.
  4. Recent arrest reports: I told you, the sheriff’s website is practically a treasure trove of information and here is another gem from it- A list of most recent arrests, complete with the name of the arrestee, other identifying details and more. You will find it at
  5. The inmate list: If you want the recent arrest records, use the inmate search facility at You can look through the list of all the detainees currently held in the county jail or you can search for a specific individual by his/her name.
  6. The event: If you want more information on a specific criminal event, this can be found by using the tool at

How do I get arrest records and a warrants list from the Clerk of Court’s Office?

The Clerk of Court’s office will give you access to their court docket database for free but you will need to find the information you need by using the public service systems in the lobby of the office. Alternatively, you can pay them $25 for a certified background check. The paid warrant search can be initiated by approaching the office in person or through mail.

  • To visit the main office of the agency, go to 201 South Eugene St, Greensboro, NC 27401 and write to them at PO Box 3008, Greensboro, NC 27402
  • To visit the alternate office go to 505 East Green Dr, High Point, NC 27262 or write to them at PO Box 2434, High Point, NC 27261

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