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Mecklenburg County NC Warrants Search

What are the different ways to launch a warrant search and find arrest records from Mecklenburg, NC?

I will admit I wasn’t expecting much from the website of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Dept after being disappointed by the lack of arrest records and warrants listed on the portals of some of the other law enforcement agencies in the state.

But, after a cursory glance, I knew I was in what can only be called the “police blotter” heaven. You name it, and they have got it on their website. From details on arrest warrants to information on civil court cases and their arrest log to an online offender search facility, they have it all on there, which is why it’s practically your own warrant search genie.

So, without further ado, let me tell you how to get detailed results for a subject-specific criminal check and a generic warrant list for the area from this and other state agencies.

How do I look for an arrest report and initiate a criminal court records search online?

police officer holding an M16 riffle.

  1. Get the arrest records you need: The tool at here can fetch you arrest reports that are a few years old. Now, how is that for calm? You will need the last name of your subject, at the least, to initiate the inquiry. If you have additional details like the first name and date of birth, you can reduce the arrest inquiry time by finding the precise police reports you seek.
  2. Start an offender search online: The inmate search tool here will get you details on current detainees lodged in the county jail and those who have been released. The information on the page includes arrest mugshots and other identifiers.
  3. Find details on active warrants: This tool is available at here, and you can get a list of all outstanding warrants on the page or use the search facility to find the arrest warrants against your subject. Now, I was impressed by this tool. The response to the warrant inquiry gets you details on the date of issue and the charges that led to the process.
  4. Access details on civil processes: If the information on criminal court cases is insufficient, you can also access the court docket database for civil operations. This tool is offered here. You will need the litigant’s name or the order number to access details on civil processes.

If you need information on Mecklenburg County arrest report about a specific criminal event or cannot find the subject-specific details, you can always visit the Sheriff’s Office at 801 E 4th St, Charlotte, NC 28202, USA. I would strongly suggest you call the agency on 704-336-8100 before taking the trouble of driving to their office. You can also contact them through the mail by writing to the agency at 700 E. 4th St., Charlotte, NC 28202.

What other agency can I approach for a criminal check and arrest log?

Regarding the judiciary, you can only approach the Clerk of Court’s Office for a background check. The paid warrant search facility can be accessed by going to the agency office in person or by writing to them. If you want to look through their court docket database, this can only be done by visiting the agency in person.

  • The Clerk of Court works out of 832 East Fourth St, Charlotte, NC 28202
  • You can write to the agency at PO Box 37971, Charlotte, NC 28237-7971

Who should you call if you need information on Mecklenburg County’s recent arrest and warrants? (In 2023)

  • To learn about Mecklenburg County warrant search and recent arrests, contact the Mecklenburg County Detention Center (Central) at (980) 314-5200 or the Juvenile Facility at (980) 314-5500.
  • Contact the Communications Division at (980) 314-5003 to receive arrest records and incident reports.
  • To get general information and to report a crime, use the non-emergency dispatch phone number- 704-336-8100.
  • Call the Arrest Processing Center at (980) 314-5100 to initiate a warrant search.
  • To get help and information for victims, contact the District Attorney’s Office at 704-686-0700.
  • For information on criminal case searching, contact the Clerk of Court at (704) 686-0400.

Crime Statistics of Mecklenburg County

There was little movement in the crime rates of Mecklenburg County through 2017 and 2018. In both years, the local police handled an average of around 4,280 cases/100,000 residents. Of the complaints filed, more than 3600 cases were against property crimes, and around 620 were against violent crimes.

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