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Forsyth County NC Warrants Search

Tips For A Warrant Search In Forsyth, North Carolina!

When I look at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Dept’s website, the only one thought courses through my head- Now, this is the portal I need for a warrant search or arrest records from the area. From the police blotter to a warrant list for most wanted suspects and their arrest log to details on missing people, these guys have the motherload of information right there on their website. What more could you possibly want when you are seeking a warrant search?

If you are looking for criminal court records and have the report or the case number, you can access information from a specific police report or court docket. Plus, you always have the choice of taking your warrant inquiry to the judiciary. Continue reading know about relevant webpages and addresses:

How do I access an arrest report from the sheriff’s dept of Forsyth County, NC?

I tell you, getting your hands on the arrest log or details on active warrants from Forsyth could not be easier. If you have the name of your subject, at least the last name, and want to find the arrest records in his/her name, I would recommend that you start your offender search on the inmate page and then work your way down the list given ahead.

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  1. Know if your subject is currently lodged in the county jail: The law enforcement agency offers a nifty service at The webpage contains an offender search tool and the arrest log, which serves as the basis for the information. You can find all the arrest reports for the area, or you can look for your subject by using his/her last name. The details offered include the full name and other specifications about the detainee and information on the charges against this person.
  2. Get access to the police blotter: The daily bulletin available at is as good as the police log for the day because you get to find out about all the criminal matters handled by the police within the search period. From the type of crime to the perpetrator of the act, information on all of this and more is right in there.
  3. Look for details on specific events: If you have information about a specific criminal incident like the date of occurrence and the arrestee’s name, you can use the tool at to get the arrest records related to that particular criminal act.
  4. Find details on outstanding warrants: This one is my personal favorite because although it is called the wanted list, it affects a warrants list that contains details on most, if not all, outstanding warrants from Forsyth. The list of arrest warrants is available at, and you can find out about the person in whose name the detention order was issued, his/her address, plus the charges that led to the issue of the active warrants.
  5. Check out the most wanted list: If a warrant list was not good enough, you also get to check out the list of the most wanted offenders, complete with previous arrest mug shots and more. This can be found at
  6. A personal visit: And after all of that, if you are still not happy with the criminal court records that you have compiled, which I doubt, you can always head over to the sheriff’s office in person for your warrant search. The agency can be reached at 301 N Church St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA.

How do I access arrest records and a warrants list from the judiciary in Forsyth?

Contacting the judiciary for a warrant inquiry or arrest reports is just as easy as getting in touch with the police. However, this agency does not supply information online. So, you can either mail in your request for the arrest log or go to the office of the Clerk of Superior Court for the criminal check.

  • To visit them, go to 200 N Main St, Winston Salem, NC 27101
  • Write to them at PO Box 20099, Winston Salem, NC 27120


Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Forsyth County over the phone? (2021-data)

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Department at 336-917-7001 if you have a general law and order question.
  • Contact the agency at 336-761-2250 if you want to access arrest records.
  • Call the Forsyth County Detention Center at 336 917 7600 if you’re looking for information on recent arrests.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court’s office at 336-779-6300 if you are keen on accessing criminal case records.
  • Contact the Victim’s Coordinator at 336-917-7167 if you need information on victim support.


Crime statistics of Forsyth County

A plunge of almost 15% in the crime rate of Forsyth County resulted in the police filing a few over 5000 criminal complaints in 2018, as opposed to the 4200 in 2017. The annual crime average of 2018 included around 3560 property crimes and 660 violent crimes.  


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