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McDowell County NC Warrants Search

What are the best ways to get a warrant search done and access arrest records from McDowell, NC?

The straight answer to that one would be- Go to the police! But, I wish life were that simple, at least when it comes to criminal court records and the police blotter. Unfortunately, a visit to the website of the sheriff’s dept. Dispels any myths that you have about getting a warrant search done quickly.

I couldn’t find anything worthwhile on the site of the law enforcement agency. Their FB page does offer details on some arrest warrants. They also provide information on a few recent detentions, which can be used to compile a brief arrest report.

But, if you are looking for a proper warrant list or the arrest log for the day, I will save you the trouble of going through state agencies’ websites by telling you right now that you are not going to find anything. I know you are probably thinking about how else you can get a criminal check done in McDowell. Well, I will answer that question and other queries that you may have about accessing arrest records.

Can I expect to get a warrants list or criminal court records for McDowell from the police?

You will get limited information in response to your arrest inquiry. For instance, if the subject is currently in jail, you will know about it. If he/she has active warrants to his/her name, you may be able to get information on these as well, but only if the case is past the investigative stage.

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After a background check, the sheriff’s dept will tell you to contact the judiciary. To answer your question- If you seek a generic or an area-wide warrant list, you won’t get access to this information. Ditto for the police arrest log. That said, this is how you can get in touch with the law enforcement agency:

  • Visit the sheriff’s office at 593 Spaulding Rd, Marion, NC 28752, USA.
  • Call them on 828-652-2235 for any information that you need about the warrant lookup procedure.
  • Contact the detention center on 828-652-2236 to know about the current status of inmates and bond-related information.
  • Check the website of the sheriff ( for police reports about certain criminal matters.
  • Look for information about arrest warrants and arrest records on the FB page of the sheriff at

How can I get help from the judiciary when looking for an arrest log or interested in a criminal check?

You can get an arrest inquiry conducted only through the office of the Clerk of Superior Court. Although various judicial entities issue active warrants, this is the only judicial office that will launch a warrant lookup for you.

You won’t get police reports from this agency. However, you will be able to access the court docket of every civil or criminal matter that your subject was ever involved in. That said, there are two ways in which you can contact this office:

  1. You can write to them at 21 S Main St, Marion, NC 28752. Please fill the form at and send it with a certified check or money order of $25. You can also pay the fees in cash if you visit the agency.
  2. Use the public computers in the lobby of the agency office. You won’t have to pay for your research and the arrest report you find yours to keep for free as long as you don’t need a printed copy of it.

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