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How To Get Arrest Records From Law Enforcement And Judiciary In Davie, NC?

As far as Sheriff’s Dept, is concerned, let me tell you at the outset that your chances of getting a warrant search done through them are slim. In fact, I would say that there is no way to get the law enforcement agency to share the police blotter, the warrants list or even arrest records for Davie County.

Actually, the fact that I could not find even the arrest log for current inmates on the website of the sheriff, left me utterly surprised. That said, there is a way to access a general arrest report from a community created Facebook page, but you won’t get a warrant list from this source, either.

I have found that the cops do help with limited details on arrest warrants in the name of a specific subject if you visit the agency office. So as promised, this is me making your life simple by providing tips on going through the warrant search process in the easiest way possible.

How do I get the police to help me with a criminal check and an arrest report from Davie, NC?

  1. Visiting the sheriff’s office may involve a drive but it can be worth the effort if your subject is considered dangerous and has an active warrant in his/her name. You can be sure that he/she will picked up immediately once the cops know this individual’s whereabouts.

You can call on the department at 135 Green St, Mocksville, North Carolina 27028. Talking to deputies from the administrative or records division will help. It will be better if you let them know of your requirement for a third party background check before showing up at their door. This can be done by calling them on 336-751-6238.

  1. If you are interested in arrest records, try talking to the personnel that serve the detention facility. You can reach the detention center at 336-753-6647.
  2. The community FB page that I spoke about is available at You will find several arrest mugshots on this webpage along with details on the charges filed. The best part is that the information continues to be available even after the detainee is released. So, this page is definitely worth a visit.

What can I do to access criminal court records from the office of the Clerk of Court of Davie?

While the police offer some information online, the clerk’s staff is hell bent on calling everybody to their office. So, you get two ways to reach out to this agency and your choice will determine if you end up paying for the background search or walk away with the criminal court records free of charge:

  1. Use the service terminals meant for public use at the court of clerk’s office. The agency maintains its presence at 140 South Main St, Mocksville, NC 27028. Don’t take printouts because those aren’t free.
  2. Write to the agency at the above address or request that an offender search be conducted on your behalf, when you are at their office. In both cases, you will end up short of $25 but you will get a certified copy of the results of your warrant inquiry.

Now, that is something you will need if you are seeking an arrest report for official purposes. In terms of search criteria, you don’t have to provide finger prints, just the date of birth and the full name of your subject.

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