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Which Is The Best State Agency For A Warrant Search Or An Arrest Records Inquiry In Jones County?

When I went to the website of Jones County, I found myself struggling to get meaningful information on arrest records and the area’s warrants list. I bet those of you who are familiar with the procedure for a warrant search are saying that I should have tried the portal of the law enforcement agency to find the police blotter and the arrest report I needed.

Well folks, the problem is that the Sheriff’s Dept does not maintain an independent website. This revelation alone will dilute your confidence about getting an arrest log or criminal court records online from the law enforcement agency.

If you are wondering about the judiciary, yes, they do offer criminal check facilities, but you won’t get a warrant list for the county or the police arrest log from them. So, here is a look at what these two agencies offer in return for an inquiry pertaining to active warrants and arrest records.

What information can I get from the police if I approach them for an arrest report in Jones?

I cannot give you a straight answer to this question because the details you end up with will depend on just how you chose to approach the agency. If I were to put it down in a list, I’d say there are 3 ways to get information from the cops:

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  1. The first is easy-peasy and it involves walking into the office of the agency at 792 North Carolina Hwy 58, Trenton, NC 28585, USA. Simply put, you show up at their office and tell them about the warrant inquiry that you are interested in. You will have to go through the basic grind of filling a form and presenting a government issued ID card. Now, I don’t even have to tell you that this method is the least discrete hence would prove disastrous if you have active warrants from Jones in your name. In this case, the safest bet would be to avail the paid services of a private agency.
  2. You second option involves calling the detention center of Jones County for an arrest report. This can be done by speaking to a deputy from the department on 252-448-7001 ext 221 or 222. The information you get will be limited to whether your subject is currently held at the facility or not and how much it would cost to bail him/her out.
  3. The last option will get you the least amount of information, but I believe some information is always better than “no” information. I am talking about the FB page of the sheriff’s office here and you can take a look at it by going to I know this is the social media page of the traffic enforcement division of the agency. But, that is only thing available at this point and you will find a few arrest mugshots on it.

How do I access details on arrest warrants and criminal court records from judicial agencies?

This approach will seem more straight-forward as compared to the others. You have to get in touch with the Clerk of Superior Court and you can do so either by visiting them or by sending them a mail. But before I give you the contact details, let me tell you that you can initiate the warrant search on your own by accessing the court docket database through the public service terminals or pay $25 for the warrant inquiry if you need a certified copy of the background check results. So:

  • Head over to the agency office at 101 Market St, Trenton, NC 28585

Mail in your inquiries to PO Box 280, Trenton, NC 28585

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