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The police have a range of legal responsibilities to fulfill; from apprehending criminals to serving Alexander County, NC arrest warrants and from maintaining records of criminal history to petitioning the court for active warrants. Although the judiciary is the only state entity that has exclusive rights pertaining to the issue of legal detention orders, the sheriff's office has to file a complaint in court to procure these decrees.

Also, once such an order has been released, the police have to execute it or store it in their system as an outstanding warrant for future use. After the person against whom the order was issued is nabbed, the cops have to complete the investigation in the case and furnish all facts and findings to the prosecutor's office.

Apart from this, they are also charged with maintaining information pertaining to arrest records and providing this for storage in the central state repository. So, it comes as no surprise that the office of the sheriff is a viable source of data pertaining to arrest warrants, the most wanted perpetrators in the county, search orders, summons and bench warrants along with any and all other legal processes issued by the local tribunals.

The agency can be contacted for an Alexander County, North Carolina warrant search or a complete background report through their office at 29 West Main Avenue, Taylorsville, North Carolina 28681. Another state entity that also provides information pertaining to warrants and criminal cases is the office of the magistrate. Because the tribunal issues all arrest orders and judicial instruments, they keep the records pertaining to such orders. To get in touch with the court of the magistrate, you will have to head to 100 1st Ave SW, Taylorsville, NC 28681.

Finally, while the county clerk's department is not directly involved with the issue or execution of arrest warrants, they do maintain the court dockets. So, you can find information pertaining to just about every civil and criminal matter that enters the judicial system of the county with this agency. To get in touch with the office of the clerk of court, write to them at PO Box 100, Taylorsville, North Carolina 28681.

The police in Alexander County, North Carolina end up fielding nearly 600 crime complaints per annum, of which, just about 6% are related to violent criminal activity. While the area still figures in the list of counties with low to medium crime rates, the criminal incident figures in Alexander have doubled through the eight years from 2001 to 2008.

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