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While the court system of the state does accept inquiries for arrest warrants issued in Anson County, North Carolina, no internet based provision is allowed for people who are interested in information on active warrants. This means that for a warrant search, you will need to personally head down to the office of the issuing state agency, the police or the records keeping division of the judiciary.

State authority that issues Anson County arrest warrants: The office of the magistrate is the only judicial entity that can legally issue active warrants in criminal complaints. However, a civil tribunal does have the right to release bench warrants, summons and subpoenas as required.

Because a copy of the active arrest order is held back in the database maintained by this office, you can search for arrest records through this branch of the judiciary; to get in touch go to 114 N Greene St, Wadesboro, NC 28170.

The police: Regardless of which judicial agency issues a detention order, the sheriff's deputies are in charge of serving them. Also, the police department takes care of the investigative process which is often the prelude to a warrant issue.

So, you can not only get information on Anson County outstanding warrants from the sheriff's department but also a most wanted list and crime statistics for the area. To contact the law enforcement agency, go to 119 N Washington St, Wadesboro, North Carolina 28170 or call on 704-694-4188

The record keeping agency of the judiciary: The county clerk's office prepares and keeps a record of the court dockets which are a written account of what transpired through the life of a trial. So, details on charges filed, conviction and sentencing can also be found with the department of the clerk of court. To connect with this agency, write to PO Box 1064, Wadesboro, North Carolina 28170.

Anson County PD receives no less than 700 complaints each year of which less than 10% are instances of violent crime. A look at the crime statistics from 2001 to 2008 reveals that there was a marked rise in the incident figures in 2004, 2005 and 2008. Overall, through this period, crime increased by almost 75%.

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