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When searching for Ashe County, North Carolina arrest warrants, most people hope to find an online tool that can help them to browse through the crime database maintained by the police. Unfortunately, this repository is not accessible to civilians although local police will accept requests for a warrant search.

The crime history database maintained by the sheriff's department not only contains information on all outstanding warrants from Ashe County but also details on offenders who entered the correctional system of the state and arrest records for all people who were ever taken into custody by the local police.

Also, the county clerk's office maintains a record of all charges filed by law enforcement agencies in the area and active warrants issued in Ashe, North Carolina.However, the office of the clerk of court does not play an active role in the issue of arrest warrants or their execution. This department merely acts as the keeper of all records pertaining to every civil and criminal matter that entered the judicial system of the county in the form of court dockets.

Apart from this, the office of the magistrate, which is the issuing authority when it comes to legal provisions like arrest orders, bench warrants and search decrees, also maintains its own database of such judicial instrument releases.

Similarly, for infractions involving motor vehicles or on-road transgressions, records can be found with the state division of Motor Vehicles. So, for a warrant search in Ashe County, NC, you can go to either the police or the judiciary; to get in touch with the appropriate agencies, head to:

  • 150 Government Cir, Jefferson, NC 28640- For the office of the magistrate
  • 301 N. Main St, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640- To reach the county clerk's department
  • 205 Academy St, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640- For the sheriff's department

Ashe County, North Carolina is one of the areas of the state with the lowest crime records with less than 300 criminal complaints being filed per annum. Yet, there has been an astonishing rise in the rate of violent and overall crime in the area. Violent crime saw an increase of almost 90% while overall crime doubled from 2001 through 2008.

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