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In Beaufort County, North Carolina, the term arrest warrants is used to indicate a judicial order in writing issued to the police to bring in a person to face the charges for criminal misconduct. While the court releases such a detention decree, it is the police who initially file a request for it by submitting an affidavit.

The petition is brought before the judiciary by the investigating officers or a member of the district attorney's office on behalf of the police. The victims can also file such a complaint if the sheriff's office authorizes them to do so. The writ contains case related details which are used to form a basis to ascertain probable cause.

Once the sitting magistrate is convinced that there is enough evidence in the matter for a person of sound mind to implicate the individual against whom the warrant is being sought, the warrant is signed and made official. Such a document is referred to as an active arrest warrant from Beaufort County.

The police are obligated to follow the judicial decree and present the offender in whose name the warrant is issued before the tribunal. They cannot decline to execute such an order; in fact, they are expected to bring this person in at the earliest. Yet, in matters where such decrees cannot be served, the order does not go out of effect; it is merely stored in the national crime database as an outstanding warrant.

If you are looking for arrest records or would like to do a warrant search in Beaufort, you can contact:

  • The sheriff's department at 210 N Market St, Washington, North Carolina 27889
  • The office of the magistrate or the county clerk's department at 112 W 2nd St, Washington, NC 27889

With just over 1200 criminal complaints being filed in Beaufort County, North Carolina on an annual basis, this is an area which lies bang in the middle of the crime average scale. Of the total annual crime rate, nearly 11% reports are made against violent criminal occurrences while 89% are instances of property theft and damage. Through the 9 year interval from 2000 to 2008, there has been a gradual yet drastic rise of over 70% in the rates of violent and overall crime.

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