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A Brunswick County, NC active arrest warrant is essentially a court issued decree that orders the police to bring a person before the court for the purpose of standing trial.Once issued, the warrant is sent to the sheriff's department, so that the alleged offender can be arrested and processed before he is presented before the judiciary for arraignment.

Hence arrest records and details on all outstanding arrest warrant from Brunswick are not only maintained by the local law enforcement agency but also by judicial bodies like the magistrate's court as well as the county clerk.

To conduct a warrant search, you can start at the local court house or visit the sheriff's office in the county. The clerk of courts office will usually also be located on the premises of the court house, so you can visit the magistrate's court as well as the county clerk's office while you call on the judiciary.

Both agencies are located at310 Government Ctr Dr Ne, Unit 1, Bolivia, NC 28422-9005; however, their contact numbers differ, you can call the county clerk on 910-253-3900 and the magistrate's office at 910-253-8502.

For the sheriff's office, you will need to visit 70 Stamp Act Drive, Bolivia, North Carolina 28422. You can also connect with the law enforcement agency on 910-253-2777 but they will seldom answer questions relating to arrest records on the phone.

While at the county clerk's office, request to view the court dockets; this is where all case related facts are stored.

In the 8 year period from 2001 to 2008, the crime scenario in Brunswick County, NC has seen an astounding rise of over 70%. Needless to say, this has caused residents many sleepless nights as even violent felonies like rape and homicide continue to rise year after year. On an average, a crime takes place in Brunswick every 3 hours which is almost 8 incidents per day.

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