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When an active warrant is issued in Carteret County, NC, it is safe to assume that the police are sitting on a sizeable amount of evidence against the person in question, In fact, the only time that the local criminal court releases arrest warrants is when the police submit a formal complaint in court notifying the judiciary of the criminal act and the evidence that points to the involvement of the suspect in it.

The magistrate who deliberates at the pre-warrant hearing ascertains that the fundamental rights of the alleged perpetrator are not compromised. Also, it is the job of the judge to ensure that there is enough merit to the case made by the police to bring in the power of the state in the matter.

Once a warrant is issued in Carteret County, it is only retracted if the police arrest another person for the crime in question. Unless this happens, a trivial error in the arrest order does not alter its powers in any way. Also, an outstanding warrant has no limitations of time or geographical location placed on it.

When looking for information on warrants or even arrest records, it would certainly make sense to get in touch with the sheriff's department of Carteret County, NC.At the end of the day, it is the police officers who actually take the accused into custody and present him/her before the court to answer for his crimes. To get in touch with the cops, you can go to 415 Broad Street, Beaufort, North Carolina 28516.

Of course, because the judiciary is involved in the actual issue of such orders, you can also take your warrant search to one of their divisions. Ideally, it would be best to approach the office of the magistrate that works out of 300 W Beaufort Rd, Beaufort, NC 28516.

Alternatively, you can also try the office of the county clerk. Since they keep a record of the court dockets, they will be able to provide insight on civil and criminal cases. To reach the deputies of the clerk of court, go to Courthouse Square, Beaufort, North Carolina 28516-1898.

Although Carteret County, NC only logged in an increase of about 20% in crime, the area does figure in the middle of the crime range for the state. So, the local police still receive well over 1600 complaints each year; fortunately, only 100 of these are instances of violent crime.

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