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For the issue of an active arrest warrant in Cleveland County, NC, the police have to follow the procedures listed in the criminal code of the state.The process starts with the filing of a formal complaint by the law enforcement office, the victim of the crime or the DA's office in court.

After careful consideration of all facts, the sitting magistrate issues an order for detention which is known as an active arrest warrant.Backlogged orders of the kind which are stored in the county, state and FBI system are known as outstanding warrants.

While civilians have no access to either of these databases, you can contact the sheriff's department of Cleveland County, NC for a warrant search.Get in touch with the justice agency by walking into their head office at 100 Justice Place, Shelby, North Carolina 28150.

All arrest records are also maintained by the office of the county clerk.A member of the judiciary, the clerk of court is entrusted the responsibility of maintaining the court dockets which are nothing but an exhaustive account of everything that transpired while the matter was in court including any active warrants issued through the course.

The county clerk's office can also be contacted in person for this information. They are located at 100 Justice Pl, Shelby, NC 28150. Finally, if these sources are not convenient or do not yield the desired results, you can also get in touch with the magistrate's office of Cleveland County, NC.

Because the sitting magistrate exercises the power of the state by issuing the arrest decree against an individual, they will undoubtedly have all records in the matter. The magistrate's court is situated in the same justice complex as the clerk of courts office.

The extraordinary decrease in the crime averages of Cleveland, North Carolina attests to the fantastic job that the local police force is doing in the area. From 1999 to 2008, there has been a drastic reduction in the rate of violent crime of over 40%; however, in the same period, there was a slight increase of about 15% in the overall crime average. If this is not arrested in time, it can quickly turn into a law and order issue.

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