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In Columbus County, NC, the legal definition of arrest warrants is a court order against a civilian which is issued so the police can bring in the individual in question to stand trial for the criminal charges filed against him. For the issue of an active arrest warrant, the police of Columbus have to approach a court that has criminal jurisdiction.

The tribunal will never issue a warrant based only on hearsay; the sheriff's office has to file a formal writ that details the crime and the involvement of the accused in it. Another perquisite to be met is that the details provided have to be adequate to clearly establish that the crime was committed by the person against whom the warrant is being sought.

Once issued an active order for detention does not go out of effect. However, if it is not executed it is stored in the law enforcement database under the name of outstanding warrants. Arrest records from Columbus County, North Carolina are not only retained by the local police department but also the office of the magistrate that issued the warrant and the office of the county clerk that is in charge of the court dockets.

So, for your warrant search, you have three state agencies to get in touch with. Ideally, it would make sense to start at the office of the sheriff which is located in Whiteville, North Carolina 28472. You can also send in a formal request for a background check by writing to the department at PO Box 280 or calling for inquiry on 910-642-6551.

It is also possible to avail this information from judicial offices like that of the magistrate or the county clerk. While the former is directly involved in the process of warrant issue, the latter plays an integral role in maintaining case related documentation in the form of court dockets. To get in touch, visit:

  • The Magistrate's court of Columbus County at 112 W Smith St, Whiteville, NC 28472 or call on 910-641-3000.
  • For the office of the clerk of court go to 74-76 Business Street, Whiteville, North Carolina 28472 or dial 910-641-3000

With an annual crime rate of well over 2000 incidents, Columbus County has given residents and law enforcement officers ample of reason to worry about nefarious activities in the area. In fact, almost 10% of the total crime figure every year is made of occurrences of violent crime which include such acts as homicide and rape with approximately 3 and 6 cases respectively.

However, the bulk of the total crime average is taken up by instances of property crime with well over a thousand complaints lodged every year against robbery, theft and carjacking. On a daily basis, almost 6 crimes are reported in Columbus.

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