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In Duplin County, North Carolina, the police will usually wait for the local criminal court to issue arrest warrants in cases where accused individuals cannot be taken into custody from the scene of the crime or right after the illicit act has been committed. However, this certainly does not mean that the local law enforcement agency is toothless without a warrant although such a judicial order does grant peace officers additional rights and powers.

The police maintain the jurisdiction to arrest anybody who is found in possession of illegal substances and ammunition without a warrant. Also, an individual can be taken into custody if an agent of the law has reason to believe that he has committed a felony or will do so in the future and such a belief is supported by hard facts.

All arrest records pertaining to criminal matters are maintained by the office of the sheriff. Also, information about bench warrants issued in Duplin is kept by the police because at the end of the day, these get sent over to the law enforcement agency for execution. So, contacting the office of the sheriff will certainly help when you want details on outstanding warrants as well as the most wanted criminals in the area.

For a warrant search through the police department, go to Kenansville, North Carolina 28349. You can also seek data on active warrants by writing to the agency at PO Box 908. For additional information pertaining to the procedure, get in touch with the clerk of the records section on 910-296-2150 or fax on 910-296-2156.

Judicial agencies also maintain arrest records and details pertaining to active and outstanding warrants issued in Duplin County, NC. To get in touch with these offices, go to:

  • The court of the magistrate: 112 Duplin St, Kenansville, North Carolina 28349-0970 or call on 910-296-1686.
  • The office of the clerk of court:Same as above.

In Duplin County, NC, the overall rate of crime for the county decreased by almost 40%. This was reflected in the diminishing figures of violent criminal activity as well which spiraled down to a mark that was 30% lower than the incident average of the previous years. Despite this, almost 1200 crimes are reported in Duplin on an annual basis. Fortunately, less than 8% of these are violent acts.

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