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A warrant for arrest is issued by the magistrate of a criminal court in Durham County, NC once a formal complaint is filed with the judiciary by the police department requesting such a detention order.

A writ can also be filed to request the issue of an arrest warrant against an escaped convict by an official of the Department of Corrections. In both cases, the arrest order released is known as an active arrest warrant and it bears the seal of the issuing authority, in this case the signature of the magistrate.

In contrast, a bench warrant is issued when an individual fails to show up in court as required. The sheriff's office has no role to play in the issuance of bench warrants. However, they are expected to serve these arrest orders.

So, all records pertaining to orders of detention including active and outstanding arrest warrants are maintained in the court dockets. These can be accessed by approaching the Clerk of Court. Alternatively, the Sherriff's Department is also a reliable source of information when conducting warrant searches.

  • The Sherriff's Office: 201 East Main Street. 1st Floor, Judicial Building, Durham, NC 27701
  • County Courthouse: 201 E Main St, Durham, North Carolina 27702919-560-0897
  • The Durham County Clerk of Court Office: You can get in touch with the court clerk by calling on 919-560-6833

For an online arrest records search, there is only one option; you will need to access a third party database. The form given on the site will allow you to search through such a nationwide repository of arrest and crime records.

The website of the Durham County Sherriff's Department does not have a list of the most wanted criminals in the area. So, if you are looking for information on recent criminal activity, you will need to visit the office of the law enforcement agency in person.

The rate of violent crime in Durham has held steady at almost 2000 incidents per years, starting from 1999 to 2008. Although there has been a marginal improvement in the cumulative figures of violent and overall crime of just about 13%, this has done little to curb the growing menace of theft and robbery in the area, the rate of such incidents still stands at almost 9000 instances.

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