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Getting arrested or watching a loved one being hauled away by the police can both be traumatizing experiences. Unfortunately, this does not always happen to hardened criminal, so it would certainly help to be aware of your rights in case of an arrest.

Unless you have been taken into custody while in the act of committing a crime, a police officer will need to have an arrest warrant in order to detain you legally.

The term active arrest warrant refers to a judicial detention order issued by the sitting magistrate of a criminal judicial body. So when conducting a warrant search, you should definitely visit the office of the County Clerk and/or Sessions Court Magistrate of Forsyth County, NC located at 200 N Main St, Winston Salem, NC 27101. Warrant records are part of the court dockets.

It would be best to call beforehand and gather information on the procedure to follow for procuring arrest records; you can directly get in touch with the Forsyth County Courthouse at 336-779-6300.

Because the Sheriff's Department requests the issue of active arrest warrants and is responsible for serving bench warrants and other detention orders issued by the judiciary, you will also need to contact them for warrant searches. The office of the justice agency is located on 400 W Washington St in Greensboro, North Carolina 27401.

Calling them is not an option as they do not offer details about active or outstanding arrest warrants unless you visit them in person. For any other inquiry, you can reach them on 336-641-3690.

A last but undoubtedly simpler and quicker solution to find warrant information is to look online. You will need to fill the form on this web page to access an internet based repository of arrest records from across the country.

Nearly 2000 violent crime incident reports are filed in Forsyth County, NC every year. Because crime rates have only gone down by a measly 3% in the year period from 199 to 2008, it is not surprising to find almost 15 cases of homicide and over 100 incidents of sexual assault reported every year. However, the number of thefts and robberies are what truly alarm most at nearly 10,000 complaints lodged annually.

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