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An arrest warrant is vastly different from any other type of judicial detention order including bench warrants and summons. For one, unlike the latter, a warrant for arrest can only be issued by a judicial entity in response to writ filed in court by a justice agency like the sheriff's department.

Unlike a bench warrant which is issued in case of a no show, arrest orders in criminal matters can only be released once the sitting magistrate has ascertained that there is probable cause to believe that the person in question has committed the crime.

So, if a warrant search about an individual brings back positive information on the existence of an active arrest warrant in his/her name, you can be reasonable sure that there is enough proof to charge him for the crime.

All arrest records from Gaston County, NC are available with the local Sherriff's Department which is entrusted with the execution of all criminal processes in the area. You can call on them personally by visiting their office at 425 North Marietta Street, Gastonia, 28053.

Their website at has an online inmate search system in place along with a sex offender registry but you will not be able to find the wanted list for the county on the site. It would be best to speak to the records clerk by calling on 704-869-6800 before actually showing up at their front desk.

The Courthouse of Gaston located at 325 North Marietta St, Gastonia, NC 28052-2331 houses the office of the County Clerk who is responsible for maintaining the court dockets and can give you information on all criminal and civil matters that have passed through the judicial system.

This includes outstanding arrest warrants, conviction and other crime history records. You can contact the courthouse at 704-852-3100 or speak to a deputy of the Clerk of Court at 704-852-3111.

An analysis of the crime data from 1999 to 2008 reveals that the criminal figures that stood at almost 5000 at the start of the decade saw a marked reduction between 2002 and 03, coming down to just about 200. However, the crime scene has deteriorated significantly since then.

By 2008, the criminal numbers were scaling at over 1000. Of the total annual crime rate of nearly 7000 incidents over 10% are violent in nature and include about 7 homicide cases and approximately 30 occurrences of aggravated sexual assault.

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