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A warrant search in Granville County, North Carolina will have to be conducted the old school way; you will need to visit a specific justice agency to seek the information you want. Although both the judiciary and law enforcement maintain arrest records, the state department that you ought to approach will depend on what and how much data you need.

Also, some information can be sought through non justice entities like the Department of Motor Vehicles and others, while details on arrest warrants can also be accessed through privately maintained third party sites. If you are just looking for information on active and outstanding warrants issued in criminal cases, the sheriff's office will be your best bet. To get in touch with this agency, head to 143 Williamsboro St, Oxford, North Carolina 27565 or call on 919-693-3213.

On the other hand, if you need information on active warrants in Granville County regarding cases that are still in the investigative stages or those that have been put on the backburner for any odd reason, the magistrate's court that issues such orders for detention would be the right agency to approach. To contact a representative for the judge, visit 101 Main St, Oxford, North Carolina 27565 or call on 919-693-2649.

The best part of going to the Granville County Courthouse in search for data on arrest warrants is that you can visit the office of the magistrate as well as the county clerk at one go. The clerk of court is in charge of maintaining information on trial proceedings for every case known as the docket. Because court dockets are prepared for criminal as well civil cases, you can get details on both by scouring through a database of these records.

The daily crime average for the county of Granville in NC stands at almost 6 incidents; this works out to about 1800 criminal occurrences every month and a whopping average of well over 200,000 over the ten year period from 1999 to 2008. Through this interval, reported crime increased by a whopping 40% and instances of violent criminal activity saw a surge of well over 30%.

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