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In Halifax County, North Carolina, you can approach three state departments when looking for information on arrest warrants. While most people promptly approach the police when they want to conduct a background check, the state judiciary is also a viable source of data.

However, before you go snooping around in the possible criminal past of your subject, it would certainly help to know how and why active warrants from Halifax County are issued. A warrant for arrest is essentially a judicial order addressed to the police which states that a particular person who has been accused of a crime be brought in to stand trial for his/her actions.

Local law enforcement plays a vital role in the issue of arrest warrants since these detention decrees are only issued when the police department or a state prosecutor files a written complaint in court. The magistrate acts as an impartial judicial officer who deliberates on the information provided in the writ to ascertain that there is enough proof for a reasonable person to conclude that the alleged offender was indeed involved in the nefarious activity that he is being accused of.

So, for a warrant search in Halifax County, your first stop should be the local police department. You need to understand that usually the law enforcement agency will be unwilling to part with data concerning active warrant issues in matters that are still under investigation as well as in sensitive cases.

However, for outstanding warrant details, you will usually receive a prompt reply. To get in touch with the office of the justice agency, visit Ferrell Lane, Halifax, North Carolina 27839. While there, also take a look at the list of the most wanted criminals of Halifax.

For arrest warrants related data, you can also try the of Halifax County magistrate at 7 Ferrell Ln, Halifax, NC 27839. 252-583-5061 or write to the county clerk's department at PO Box 67, Halifax, North Carolina 27839. 252-583-5061.This last option will not only get you information on arrest and bench warrants but also on court dockets of civil cases.

There has been a steady deterioration in the crime scenario of Halifax County, NC over the ten year period from 1999 to 2008. Through this interval there has been a marked increase in both the number of violent as well as property crimes.

In fact, the former more than doubled to reach an incident rate of almost 400 by the end of the decade as compared to the less than 200 complaints that were being filed in 1999. Every year well over 2000 crimes are reported in the area of which just about 10% are instances of violent criminal activity.

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