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Are you interested in conducting a warrant search in Harnett County, NC? Would you feel safer if you had access to arrest records and the most wanted list from the area? If you answered any of those questions with a "yes", the local sheriff's department will prove to be a reliable and accurate source of information.

Deputies of the Harnett County Sherriff's Department not only issue tickets for civil ordinance offenses and make spot arrests but also they are responsible for executing various criminal processes including arrest warrants.

In fact, an active arrest warrant is issued by the magistrate of a criminal court of the county at the behest of the law enforcement agency unlike a bench warrant. Yet, because they are responsible for the service of both instruments, they will have records on active orders, outstanding warrants held in the system, summons as well bench warrants.

To contact the Harnett County, NC sheriff's office visit them at 1005 Edward Brothers Drive, Lillington, North Carolina 27546 or call or fax them at: Phone: (910)893-9111Fax: (910)893-6450

You will find the wanted list on the official website of the sheriff's department at http://www.harnettsheriff.com/wanted. A homicide award list page on http://www.harnettsheriff.com is also included to notify citizens of crimes that remain unsolved.

A second option for people looking for arrest records from the county is to search through the court dockets. These are maintained by the County Clerk's office. So visiting the clerk of court will also get you the same information.

Crime history records are also maintained by the issuing authority, namely the magistrates' court in this case. The courthouse is situated on 301 W. Cornelius Harnett Blvd., Suite 100Lillington, NC 27546 and you can reach them over the phone by dialing 910- 814-4600.

There has been a remarkable improvement in the crime scenario of Harnett County, North Carolina over the ten year interval from 99 to 08. While the overall crime rate just went down by about 4%, there was a significant drop of nearly 20% in the number of violent felonies. As opposed to the nearly 400 incidents reported from 2004 to 2006, at the end of the decade, less than 300 case reports were filed in the county.

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