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Unlike a bench warrant which is issued by a criminal or civil court of its own accord, for an arrest warrant the police have to place a formal request before the judiciary with a sworn statement that mentions all case related facts.

These are carefully considered by the magistrate to ensure that there is reasonable cause to believe that the person in whose name the warrant is being sought has indeed committed the crime. Contrary to popular belief, the judiciary does not act on behalf of the sheriff's department when issuing an active arrest warrant.

In fact, it stands as an impartial authority that upholds the rights of the defendant and decides on whether there is enough evidence to charge an individual in question with the crime.

So, not only the sheriff's office of Iredell County, NC but also the magistrate's court that issued the arrest warrant and the county clerk's office maintain their own set of records for all outstanding arrest warrants. If interested in a warrant search, it would be most convenient to approach the judicial entities first; you can contact them visiting the main courthouse of Iredell County, North Carolina situated on 221 East Water St in Statesville, NC 28677. To get in touch the clerk of court, you will have to dial 704-878-4204 and to reach the magistrate's court; you can call on 704-832-6600.

Although the Sherriff's Department of Iredell does maintain an official website, they do not have an online arrest records look up facility. So, if you are interested in a warrant search, the only option is to visit the office of the law enforcement agency in person at:

  • Statesville: 230 North Tradd Street,Statesville(704) 878-3180
  • Mooresville: 610 East Center Avenue, Mooresville(704) 664-7500

To take a look at the most wanted criminal in the county, check out the web page at This section of the sheriff's website will offer up to date information on the more recent active warrants issued in the county.

A look at the criminal figures for the ten year period from 1999 to 2008 revealed that the number of antisocial activities in Iredell has reduced by over 40%. Yet, over 3000 crime reports are filed in the area each year and of this, theft and robbery cases form the bulk with nearly 2300 incidents.

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