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How long has it been since you checked for active warrants in your name in Lenoir County, NC? Leaving this off for too long can put you in a very dicey situation as the police are bound to come for you once the court issues a warrant against you.

In fact, even people who were involved in unthinking legal infractions in their youth find that the most trivial offenses turn into an arrest as the investigating officer finds an old outstanding warrant in their name in the national criminal database. The only way to avoid such an untowardly eventuality is to frequently look for warrants against you.

To do so, you can use a privately maintained database like the one that you will have access to once you fill the form above or you can approach the state agencies. Unfortunately, the latter will not be an option if you have prior arrest records and existing warrants out against you.

However, there is no reason why you cannot get a friend to conduct the warrant search for you albeit this will have to be done discreetly.If you would rather not get your loved ones involved in such a sticky matter, just get in touch with an attorney. The state departments that you should go to include:

The sheriff's office: They execute the warrant and process the accused upon arrest, investigating the crime and bringing the suspect before the court. To get in touch with this agency, write to PO Box 3289, Kinston, North Carolina 28502 or call on 252-559-6104.

The magistrate's office: The sitting judge of a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction issues all arrest orders and legal tools including bench warrants, search orders, subpoenas, etc. So this agency understandably has records on arrest warrants in Lenoir County. To contact them go to 130 South QueenLenoir, NC 28502.

The county clerk's office: The clerk of court is in charge of the court dockets database and this agency can provide details on civil and criminal cases. To approach them, go to the court house at 130 South Queenor write to P.O. Box 68, Kinston, North Carolina 28502-0068.

With almost 12 incidents of crime that transpire in Lenoir County every day, local cops do have their hands full dealing with the almost 3000 criminal complaints that are filed in the area every year. The problem of residents and law enforcement agents is compounded by the fact that over 10% of these instances qualify as violent crimes. Then, there is the 40% increase in the rate of crime from 1999 to 2008 which has given people more cause for concern.

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