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An active arrest warrant from Macon County, North Carolina is the legal term used to denote a judicial order for detention that has been sought by the police against an accused and which was released by the local tribunal with criminal jurisdiction. So, in essence, while the police file the petition for arrest warrants and hold the authority to execute them, they have very little say in the actual release of an active warrant.

In fact, the court seldom relies on the assumptions of the police officers who investigate a criminal matter to issue arrest warrants because this would compromise the constitutional rights of the person being suspected of the illicit act.In accordance with the fourth amendment of the United States Constitution, a Macon County, North Carolina active warrant can only be issued on the basis of probable cause.

For this, the police have to submit an affidavit in court detailing the criminal act, why they perceive it to be criminal in nature and the involvement of the accused in the alleged crime. The information provided has to be enough for a reasonable person to conclude that the illegal act was indeed committed by the alleged offender.

Given the formality of the procedure and the strictness with which it is followed, several justice agencies keep all information pertaining to the issue of warrants as well as arrest records. So, for a warrant search, you can go to:

  • The office of the magistrate that hands over the active warrant to the police: 5 W Main St, Franklin, NC 28734.
  • The sheriff's department that maintains records pertaining to all Macon County, North Carolina outstanding warrants: 1820 Lakeside Dr, Franklin, North Carolina 28734.
  • The office of the county clerk that keeps the court dockets for all criminal and non-criminal matters: This is also located at the 5 W Main St Courthouse.

A little over 400 crimes are reported in Macon, North Carolina each year, and of this, the occurrence of violent criminal acts is found to be at just about 4%. Although these figures coupled with the dismal growth of just 3% in overall crime looks promising, residents are worried about the worsening scenario of violent crime which has increased by almost 60%.

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