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An active warrant from Madison County, North Carolina, gives police unrestricted ability to nab the person in whose name the order has been issued. So, arrest warrants released in criminal cases can be served without any thought to the time or the place where the arrest takes place.

In simple words, a police officer who has the knowledge that an outstanding warrant exists in the crime database against an individual can take such a person in custody at any time during the day or night and such an arrest can occur in any part of the country. Also, an active warrant from Madison County gives police the authority to enter private and third party owned premises as well and public properties to effect the arrest.

The state department of justice does entertain damage claims when police have to force their way into a privately owned property to apprehend the suspect. Cops do have the right to break open the doors or windows of any house where they believe the suspect may be hiding. Also, peace officers are authorized to use any means of force necessary to arrest the person in question.

So, undoubtedly, an active warrant in your name is no trivial legal matter that can be ignored. In fact, if you were ever involved in a serious legal transgression, it would be best to do a Madison County, NC warrant search to find out if such an order has indeed been issued against you. For information on outstanding warrants and arrest records, you can send your legal representative to:

  • The sheriff's office: PO Box 998, Lower Bridge Street, Marshall, North Carolina 28753
  • The court of the magistrate: One N. Main St, Marshall, North Carolina 28735
  • The office of the clerk of court: PO Box 217, Marshall, North Carolina 28735

Madison County, NC has one of the lowest crime rates in the state with annual incident figures seldom crossing the 200 mark. Yet, this can change rapidly if the uptrend in criminal activity is not controlled in time. Through the seven year period from 2001 to 2008, violent crime increased by over 80% while overall crime almost doubled.

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