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Montgomery County, NC arrest records and active warrant related information cannot be accessed online unless you use the services of a third party vendor. For an online warrant search, you can fill the form above and browse through a privately maintained repository of crime history data or you can approach one of the government agencies mentioned below.

Most people tend to approach the police when in need of information on outstanding warrants from Montgomery County, North Carolina. The sheriff's office will usually offer the low down on the crime scenario in the county along with a most wanted list and information on any arrest warrants that were issued against your subject.

However, the department is not legally obliged to provide details on warrants issued in cases that are still open. In other words, if investigation is pending in a matter, don't expect to find details on any Montgomery County outstanding warrants released in the case.

While bench warrants are also generally served by the police, the sheriff's department usually has no problem sharing information on these orders with civilian inquirers, simply because they are usually issued in civil cases.The offices of the magistrate and the clerk of court can certainly help with a warrant search for Montgomery

In fact, visiting the office of county clerk will get you quick access to the database of court dockets. So, you can gather information on warrants issued, charges filed and conviction in criminal cases along with all judicial processes used in civil matters as well. To get in touch with these agencies, you can:

  • Visit the office of the sheriff at: 111 West Main Street, Troy, North Carolina 27371 or call the department on 910-572-1313
  • For the magistrate's court head to: 108 E Main St, Troy, NC 27371 or contact them at 910-576-4211
  • To get in touch with the office of the clerk of court, go to: 102 East Springs Street, Troy, North Carolina 27371 or you call them on

The police from Montgomery County, NC receive almost 800 criminal complaints each year. Fortunately, only 8% of these at about 47 incidents are cases of violent crime. Through the eight year period from 2001 to 2008, there has been an overall increase of almost 35% in the rate of violent and general crime.

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