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Unlike other arrest decrees like a summon issued by a civil court to call in a witness or even a bench warrant released to compel a personto appear in court, an active arrest warrant from Moore County, NC is exclusively issued in cases of serious misdemeanors and felonies.

The arrest order is solely issued when the police approach the court requesting the order, and once handed to the police, the decree stays in effect perpetually. This should give you reason enough to settle any issues that may have led to the issue of arrest warrant in your name

To find out of a legal tangle in the past has resulted in an outstanding arrest warrant against you, simply fill the form above to access a privately maintained database of crime records from across the country.

Remember that any attempt to contact a state agency can lead to immediate arrest if a warrant is found against you. However, you can get your lawyer or loved ones to verify the information for you from one of the three sources listed below.

The sheriff's department: It is located at 101 Courthouse Square, Carthage, North Carolina 28327and they have details on all criminal matters initiated against a person including cases in which a warrant was issued.

However, you cannot find information relating to civil suits from this source. To find out about the precise procedure to be followed for accessing details on arrest records, call them on 910-947-2931.

The magistrate's court and the county clerk: Both offices are situated in Carthage; you can visit them by driving down to 202 Monroe St, Carthage, NC 28327. Alternatively, you could write to the clerk of court at PO Box 936, Carthage, NC 28327 or call on 910-722-5000.

Through these judicial sources you can not only get details on criminal matters and arrest warrants against a person but also about civil cases and verdicts.

From 1999 to 2008, the crime scenario in Moore County, NC has steadily worsened with a growth in the crime average of almost 75%. While certainly not the county with the highest crime figures, Moore police does receive almost 5 incident complaints each day.

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