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To detain a person in Nash County, NC, the police either need to have an active arrest warrant in hand or the crime should have been committed in full view of a peace officer. In cases that call for the issue of an arrest warrant, the sheriff's office has to approach the county court that handles criminal matters with a written affidavit stating precisely why a warrant ought to be issued in the matter.

While the police do not issue a warrant, they do play an integral role in its procurement. Hence, it is only natural for the sheriff's department to maintain up to date records of all outstanding warrants and arrest records in Nash County, NC.

So, people who are interested in a warrant search should start by approaching the Sherriff's department of Nash before any other source of information. However, it will be prudent to understand that the police do have the authority and will arrest any person who has an outstanding warrant in his name and who happens to come in front of a peace officer.

The sheriff's office is located at 222 W Washington St, Nashville, North Carolina 27856; they can also be contacted over the phone at 252-459-4121 but you won't be encouraged to seek arrest record details through this channel.

The judiciary is another state agency that has a huge part in the actual issue of the warrant. So, you can just as well approach the county clerk's office for warrant information as well as the magistrate's court. The court of clerk sits at 234 W Washington St, Nashville, NC 27856 while the magistrate's court is also located at the same address. For mailing in a warrant search request you can use PO Box 759, Nashville, NC 27856 or call on 252-220-3000

Nash County, North Carolina has done increasingly well in terms of crime averages between 1999 and 2008. In fact, the rates for overall crime and violent criminal activity went down by a stunning 80% and more over this period.

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