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The website of the Onslow County, NC Sherriff's Department, though well made, is sorely lacking in information. They do not offer an online arrest records search nor do they provide a most wanted list. In fact, even when looking for data on inmates incarcerated in the Onslow County correctional facilities, you will need to visit the NC Department of Corrections website.

This means that people who are interested in a warrants search will need to do quite a bit of running around. Fortunately, there are only three official sources of information on active arrest warrants:

The County Clerk's Office: They are in charge of filing all warrant related information into the court dockets. The clerk of court can be contacted over the phone by dialing 910-455-4458.

The Magistrate's Court: Because only the sitting magistrate of a sessions or district court is authorized to issue arrest orders in criminal matters, all information pertaining to outstanding arrest warrants is also recorded by the magistrate's court office. To get in touch with them you can on 910-478-3600

Both the magistrate's court and the county clerk's office are located at 625 Court St, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

The Sherriff's Office: As the justice agency responsible for all servicing criminal processes, the Sherriff's Office also maintains an extensive database of arrest records including a list of the most wanted criminal in the county of Onslow, NC and information on all outstanding and bench warrants.

Although they will be happy to conduct a warrant search for a member of the public, you will need to visit their head office in person to avail the service. Their address is 701 Mill Ave, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540; tel no: 910-455-3113.

Nearly 28,000 criminal incidents occurred in Onslow County North Carolina from 1999 to 2008; however, only 10% of these occurrences were violent crimes. The daily average of crime currently stands at almost 8 cases per day and over half of these incidents take place within a one mile radius of the victim's home or office.

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